About Us

Customer Commitment

We’re a team of motorcycle riders committed to providing you our valued customer, quality products, exceptional service and best shopping experience.

Company History

Quick Shifter S.A.L. was founded in 2013 in the small city of Beirut. By integrating the passion for motorcycles with an intuitive understanding of the market, Quick Shifter S.A.L. was born, turning a dream into reality. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. By 2014, the business moved out of the attic and immersed itself into the Lebanese economy with a bustling warehouse, corporate office, competitive service center & a luxury VIP lounge "Cloud93". Within a few short months, a rapidly growing customer base necessitated yet another expansion into two separate facilities to house the growing enterprise. From humble beginnings, Quick Shifter S.A.L. has since grown into the premier Motorcycles, motorcycle apparel, parts and accessories retailer in the Lebanon.

Quick Shifter S.A.L. is saturated with real motorcycle riders throughout the reaches of the company. From Customer Service, Order Fulfillment and Product Management, to Information Technology, Marketing and our Executives, passion for riding is well-represented at all levels. Here's an opportunity to get to know several of our team members who also ride. Each month we'll feature a new employee along with a fun interview to learn more about them and their perspective on our company and industry. We would also like to get to know you much better, so we invite you to join us in our social networks and make yourself heard. We're listening!