INTEGRA 750 2016 "NOW Available"

Make Honda

   Year 2016


NEW Honda INTEGRA 750 2016 "NOW Available"!

The most visible update for 2016 are the Integra’s new LED headlight and taillight, which add a further touch of both class and practicality. New instruments – with variable colour display – can be personalised and present a premium image. Adding to the high class feel is the option of two Special Edition (SE) colour schemes in a new grade of paint with a unique metallic lustre.

DCT is upgraded, with software revised for a more natural ‘feathered’ clutch feel around an on/off throttle. There are now 3 levels of S mode for gear changes in AT mode and raised rpm upper limit for downshifts in MT mode. Other software upgrades also improve DCT’s performance in a variety of situations.

A spring preload adjuster is added to the rear shock absorber while new Showa Dual Bending Valves (SDBV) front forks are fitted up front. The new exhaust muffler saves weight and is tuned to generate a pleasing exhaust ‘pulse’ not - See more.

Styling, Equipment & Colours
‘Sensual Performance’ directed the evolution of the 2016 Integra; what the rider feels, sees and hears. The compact LED headlight ­– with its crisp white light – and running lights form a strong visual presence. Mounted on the edge of the rear cowl, the clear-lens LED taillight works with the stubby exhaust muffler to give a compact feel to the Integra’s rear. On the foot boards, stainless steel integrates within the redesigned rubber floor mats, exuding quality.

Brand new instruments use a negative LCD display. Information includes odometer, trip meter, gear position, fuel efficiency and consumption gauges, (optional) heated grip temperature plus 3-stage S mode display.

The colour of the rev-counter bar display can also be changed by the rider; a total of 9 options are available. It is also possible to have colours change according to gear selected, rpm range or (for the DCT version) riding mode.

ECO and SHIFT mode are further options when riding with the display set to a single colour or (on the DCT machine) the mode-dependent setting. ECO mode turns the display to light blue if riding with good fuel efficiency, and green if riding even more economically. SHIFT mode sees the colour change to orange if engine rpm exceeds a level pre-set by the rider.

A new ‘wave’ key features the Honda Ignition Security System (HISS). If the ID chip embedded in the key and the ID in the Engine Control Unit (ECU) do not match, the engine will not start.

The 2016 Integra will be available in three color options:
• Matte Gunpowder Metallic
• Matte Alpha Silver Metallic (Special Edition)
• Matte Majestic Silver Metallic (Special Edition)