PCX 150 2017 "Now Available"

Make Honda

   Year 2017



Get more out of the city:
We’ve taken what made the PCX Europe’s favorite, best-selling scooter and added some extras. Sleek new style, improved comfort, even greater fuel economy and a host of enhancements to enable life on the move. It’s the same spirited scooter about town it’s always been – just better.

LOOK GOOD. FEEL GOOD. Arrive in style:
The PCX's striking look is a clever mix of performance and style. Slim enough to slip through the tightest traffic, and into cramped parking spots, it features plenty of comfort and space for rider and passenger, with refined details everywhere you look. The stepped seat is sprung and stays open when necessary, the ignition key has a protective shutter and a hazard button has been added for additional safety. The meter is engaging with its circular form swept around by a luminous speedometer needle.

• The headlight and taillight are now LED, giving a crisp, modern appearance and saving electrical energy, which means more fuel efficiency.
• Idle Stop has been upgraded with the facility to read and monitor the battery charge and turns off automatically if the drain is too high. The battery is now more powerful, too.
• There’s plenty of space for a full-face helmet under the seat. Once open the seat stays up thanks to a sprung hinge that holds it securely. Removing the passenger backrest has liberated both rider and pillion, creating space and a feeling of freedom.
• A clock is now part of the digital information displayed along with a handy fuel efficiency meter.

Packed with the latest low-friction technology the PCX125’s ultra reliable 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, enhanced Smart Power (eSP) engine sips fuel with performance that easily deals with the cut-and-thrust of city riding. Managed by advanced PGM-FI fuel injection acceleration is strong from a standstill, just what’s needed for staying ahead of traffic. And a 300-cell catalyser in the exhaust ensures clean running with low environmental impact.

SMALL THINGS - Make the biggest difference:
Sometimes it’s all about the details. The 8 liter fuel tank means a 233-mile range is possible so you’ll spend much less time at the pumps. We’ve improved the fuel economy to 133.9 mpg thanks to the addition of special low-rolling resistance tyres and low-electrical drain LED lighting. Convenience is also key, the left hand glove box is easy to access, and big enough for a water bottle. There is also a 12V AC adaptor to charge what you need as you go.

The PCX 150 is Now Available in 4 color options:
· Candy Noble Red.
· Poseidon Black Metallic.
· Pearl Jasmine White.
· Pearl Dark Ash Blue.