NM4 VULTUS 2016 "Coming Soon"

Make Honda

   Year 2016


NEW Honda NM4 VULTUS 2016 - A New Breed "Coming Soon":

Free yourself:
Tearing up the rule book and breaking free from the boundaries of traditional motorcycle design, the NM4 Vultus combines imagination, function and proven engineering to create a unique machine that stands out from the crowd.

Tokyo Style:
The NM4 Vultus brings jet fighter styling to the streets, enveloping the rider in a cocoon of aerodynamic angles inspired by Japanese Manga comics. Its broad angular stance exudes power and gives the rider the confidence to take on the city in style. It comes in the only color fit for such design – menacing black.

Digital dash: The digital dash colors change with Drive mode selection. In Neutral it’s white; in Drive it’s cool blue, in Sport it’s a warming pink and in MT (Manual) an aggressive red. The rider can also choose one color from five other tonal ranges to customize the display, making twenty five individual colors altogether.
Aluminum wheels: Unique 10-spoke cast aluminum wheels are finished in black. Up front a 120/70 ZR18 tire provides stability and cornering confidence, while out back, a muscular 200/50 ZR17 tire gives maximum traction.
Adjustable backrest: Just one of the details that makes the NM4 Vultus extra special: the rear pillion seat flips upright, locking to provide the rider with a perfect backrest. The angle adjusts through 3 positions and slides forward or backwards 25mm to fine-tune the perfect cockpit position.
Future-shock style: This look is all new. The raked-out silhouette merges with future-shock style straight from a sci-fi film set, and LED lights all round add further visual appeal to an unforgettable presence.

With twin cylinders and 745cc capacity, the low-friction motor offers crisp, immediate acceleration. At its peak, 68Nm of torque is available at just 4,750rpm. Super efficient PGM-FI fuel injection feeds the engine, delivering an impressive 80.2mpg (WMTC mode) and allows a range of over 186 miles from the 11.6 liter fuel tank. A high-absorption catalyser is located close to the engine, helping it to reach operating temperature quickly and further reduce emissions. It also feels great, thanks to a 270˚ firing order and twin-balance shafts transmitting a characterful edge.

Wrapping the compact power unit is a rugged steel diamond frame that delivers agile, responsive handling, giving the rider a sense of freedom whether riding busy urban streets or wide-open roads. The rider feels in complete control thanks to a seat height of just 650mm, allowing for easy ground reach, while 43mm telescopic front forks and Pro-Link rear suspension offer a smooth and comfortable ride. The front and rear disc brakes provide great confidence while the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) helps reduce the chance of wheel lock-ups on slippery or wet surfaces.