Goldwing Valkyrie

Make Honda

   Year 2015

20,800 USD

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Ride The Legend

What do people think of when asked to define America? Leadership. Independence. Freedom. A big country. And relaxed, friendly people. Next to hot dogs and apple pie, is there anything closer to that image than the hot rod? You know the formula: a big engine with tons of torque, the more cylinders the better; a low-slung chassis; and a long stretch of highway or boulevard to let it stretch its legs.

That’s the Honda Valkyrie formula. And it’s what makes this bike unlike anything else on the road. Is it for everyone? Hardly. But then, that’s the whole point of a bike like this, isn’t it?

A Ride Like No Other.
Bigger, bolder and more outrageous than anything else on the road, the Valkyrie is a power cruiser unlike anything else. We took our biggest engine, put it in a cruiser chassis and turned it loose on the road. The result? Pure American hot rod.

Six-Cylinder 1832cc Engine.
The Gold Wing's opposed six is a motorcycling icon. What happens when you take that great powerhouse and plug it into a cruiser chassis? You get a ride like nothing else on the road.

Great Bikes Start With Great Engines.
Motorcycles are all about their engines, and the Valkyrie’s engine is an icon in motorcycling—six cylinders, six exhaust pipes, fuel injection and tons of smooth torque and horsepower. And most of all, its configuration makes it unlike anything on the road—and the definition of pure Honda.

Laid-Back Seating
Cruisers are as American as apple pie, and for good reason: they’re fun and comfortable. When you’re talking about a Honda Valkyrie, everything is even more fun and more comfortable.

A Style All Its Own
The Valkyrie doesn’t look like most other cruisers because it’s not. It’s bigger and more powerful so we gave it a whole new styling treatment, too.